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Welcome to Kitchens Marbella, your one-stop-shop for kitchen furniture and appliances on the Costa del Sol! We deal in a very extensive range of kitchen accessories, fixtures and furniture, so we have something to suit every taste and budget. We also pride ourselves in being the most customer-friendly kitchen company in Marbella – our goal is to create a welcoming environment for you and help you discover your perfect kitchen.

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While we are by no means the only kitchen company in Marbella, we believe in setting ourselves apart by bringing a truly unique experience to the table. Kitchens Marbella exists for you and all your kitchen design dreams – it is our job to help you realise them.
Since the kitchen is the hub of the house, it is essential to choose the right lighting, appliances, cabinets, and accessories so it can live up to its full potential. We make the process of choosing these components and ordering them easy, and we do so in two ways.
Firstly, we curate a wide selection of different colours and designs – this gives you virtually thousands of combinations to choose from. Rest assured that Kitchens Marbella can cater to a variety of styles ranging from traditional and bespoke to contemporary and modern, and kitchen sizes ranging from small and cosy to large and ornate!
Secondly, we constantly strive for customer service and solutions that are unparalleled and personalised to fit your unique needs. We understand that every customer is different and has different ideas of her own for the perfect kitchen. This is why we work closely with each customer – we want to ensure you end up with a luxurious and satisfying kitchen once you are done shopping with us. You will be in control of the entire process; we will be in constant contact with you and keep you involved in all major decisions.

Why Should You Shop at Kitchens Marbella?

In case you are not sold already, here are some of the ways our kitchen company in Marbella provides the best kitchen design experience.

A Diverse Team

We believe in building and maintaining diversity within our company; our team of kitchen designers and experts come from a variety of backgrounds. This means they speak several languages between them – so our non-Spanish customers will be able to communicate with them as well without any hassle.

Free 3D Kitchen Models

You can learn more about our kitchen designers and design process below, but here is what we want you to know right now. Our kitchen designers create free 3D models – fully-customised and photo-realistic – for each customer to help them visualise their dream kitchen!

Multiple Financing Options

Building a dream kitchen all at once can be a bit overwhelming in monetary terms. We don’t want this to deter your plans, so we offer alternative financing options too! A kitchen is a
huge investment, so it should be treated as such. You can pay upfront if you are able to or prefer to, but you can also pay in easy instalments. For more information about our financing options, drop us a text or email, and we will call you to discuss your specific case.

Affordable and High Quality

High quality is often synonymous with high prices, but we do not agree! High-quality products should be accessible to everyone regardless of their budget. Kitchens Marbella has something to fit every client’s budget – we guarantee that every single item we sell is reasonably-priced and does not compromise on quality.

Unlimited Possible Designs

We understand how diverse our customers are; this is another reason we insist on having a diverse team working for us. But this also means that our product range needs to be as extensive as our customers’ tastes! With so many different style options available, there is no limit to the designs you can create for your kitchen.

Realistic Showrooms

3D models are wonderful, but sometimes you need to see things in person to fully appreciate them. We currently have a kitchen showroom in Marbella and hope to open more showrooms in the future. Our Marbella showroom displays our wide collection of kitchen essentials as well as the different designs you can create with them. Some of our kitchen designers are also
available for consultation at this showroom, so you can get expert advice as you browse our selection.

Our Kitchen Designers are Here to Help!

Speaking of kitchen designers, here is the thing. Designing a kitchen by yourself can feel like a daunting task, we get it. But remember, it is our job to make sure you feel at ease. This is
why we have a team of specially-trained kitchen designers ready to help you create a custom kitchen that is a joy to work in. Here is what to expect when working with one of our experts:

  • The designer in charge of your project will discuss ideas with you. Once they understand your goals and wishes, they may visit your home and take a look at your existing kitchen space;
  • Once armed with your ideas and their own, the designer will create 3D models as examples of the proposed kitchen’s design. They will ask you to pick your favourite
    and move forward with that;
  • The designer will then guide you towards the best colours, accessories, appliances, etc. to turn your chosen 3D model into reality;
  • When your design is finalised, we will order all your kitchen components from our dedicated channel partners and suppliers. Once they arrive, you can both pick them up and install them yourself, or you can request us to install them for you.

Reach Out to Us!

Still not sure if Kitchens Marbella is for you and would like to chat? Or maybe you just have queries that you feel haven’t been addressed here. Reach out to us! Our customer support is available 24/7 at the following links, and we would love to hear from you.


A new kitchen would cost around €8,000, on average. This includes value-added tax and fitting. However, this price does not account for appliances and any extra work or preparation required, such as demolishing the old kitchen, plastering walls, and removing the wallpaper.

Granite is considered the best kitchen worktop. It is stylish and adds an air of luxury to the kitchen. Along with aesthetics, it is also practical and durable. Since it is a natural stone, you have the option to choose from many shades and patterns. Granite is strong enough to withstand high temperatures and will prove to be very easy to clean.

Building a new kitchen can take anywhere from 2 – 6 months, depending on how thorough your process is. While the design process may progress at your own pace, order and delivery of kitchen products can take 1 – 2 months. If you need to demolish your old kitchen, then you can add a month or two to the process. Count a few weeks in for painting, appliance installation and utilities.

While the best type of kitchen varies from house to house, the most popular one is the ‘one wall kitchen’. It is extremely space-efficient without compromising on functionality. Cabinets are installed against a single wall, with upper and lower shelving over base cabinets, creating a sleek, clean and modern look.